Third Theme Review: Cinderella


Hello My Lovely's,

So I wanted to focus on the most famous Disney film of all time, 'Cinderella'!

As a child every little girl wants to be a Princess and for me I always wanted to be Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' as I loved her funny life and her little friends in the castle. However for many people it was the idealistic world of Cinderella.

She was a noble maid for her evil stepmother and step sisters who got lucky when she is allowed to go to the Prince's ball and he just so happens to fall in love with her after finding her glass slipper. Now I own Cinderella on DVD and I use to look after her as a child but after many years I find the film to be one of the most unreal films to watch.

I don't feel that it is the best Disney Princess film out there and after its re-release this year, it shows just how much people are on the same wavelength with me. 'Cinderella' is only a big film because of the magical castle based on her life in the Disneyland franchise and the fact that little girls want this dream like world as well.

In my opinion the re-mastered version is a lot better quality animation but I would much rather watch the 1997 version with Whitney Houston then the actual animation version because it shows how different life is. It is a stronger form of showing how life isn't perfect and that the animation's on screen are so different.

So I feel that the 'Cinderella' franchise isn't as strong as many believe it is and the weakness portrayed on screen is making little girls have very high hopes for something that may not happen, but I know that it isn't all of Disney's fault for making them like this and I know that I fooled myself into believing it to!

I am giving the film...

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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