Theme Week Cancellation due to remembering Roger Ebert!


Hello My Lovely's,

I know that yesterday I didn't post my Disney review and there is a very important reason why I didn't.

Recently I have been on a very intensive revision course for English in preparation for my exam and so yesterday I took the time to focus on my Film exam. However upon coming online to post my review I heard about the death of Legendary Film Reviewer Roger Ebert.

Until about 2 years ago I was unaware of the brilliant work that Ebert did towards the film industry and the amount of inspiration he would become on me wanting to be a reviewer. My Film Studies teachers were huge enthusiasts in teaching about Ebert's work and after that my folder soon became piled with his reviews that I found to be interesting.

Ebert's love of film is inspirational when you look at the way in when he still reviewed even though he was battling with cancer. He was a hard working character and so yesterday I wanted to make sure that as an aspiring critic I took the time to remember him and so I will not be continuing my reviews on Disney for the rest of the week.

Here was so inspiring that I wanted to share this amazing quote with you all....

"Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you"

I hope Ebert is remembered for many years and his wisdom for the industry lives on.
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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