The Great Gatsby Trailers!!!


Hello My Lovely's,

So I am sure everyone has seen it by now, if not then you honestly don't know what you are missing!

'The Great Gatsby' Trailer excited me from the moment they released it, a week before my English exam on the book!

It has so many amazing moments within it that the effects and world created just in a 3 minute trailer has caused audiences to go mental already! (Believe me, me and my group of friends are buzzing!)

I couldn't believe it when the film got pushed back as I was so eager to see the film over Christmas  however the choice the Warner Brothers made to do this was a very successful choice. More and More audiences will now watch the film as the build up to it has been so good and considering the film is going to Cannes Film Festival, it is not something people are going to miss.

Baz Luhrmann made people's hearts race from this moment...

And continued to do so when this one was later released...

But now the final one has been released and the world of cinema is about to rejoice in the modern remake of an absolute classic novel...

So enjoy these magical moments until I return tomorrow, 

Joey xxx

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