The Great Gatsby Featurette


Hello My Lovely's,

So I have an exciting Featurette focusing on 'The Great Gatsby'. It is always interesting to look at the way in which the Director feels how the film went.

If like me, you have read the book, then you know how hard this film must of been to create as it is a very over the top book which can get a bit confusing at times. For Baz Luhrmann many would assume it must have been an easy task considering his past film background, however the featurette looks at the amount of work he had to do to produce something so big.

The hype around the film is getting bigger and bigger as the week of its release looms, making many fans anxious to see the world of Jay Gatsby be brought to life.

So please enjoy the featurette and tell me what you think on the links below, on Facebook or on Twitter!!!

Until Next Time, 
Joey xxx

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