The Amazing Spiderman Review


Hello My Lovely's,

So today's Superhero is 'The Amazing Spiderman' and I am going to say I don't know why they re-did the film. I really dislike this version of the film and the only good part of this film is Emma Stone!

The film is just a copy of the 2002 original, with a weaker lead actor. I felt throughout the whole film that Andrew Garfield did not take the role seriously. He made a joke out of the role and made the whole superhero image that Columbia Pictures were obviously trying to convey on screen. He is such a weak hero that I actually looked forward to liking the Lizard instead of Garfield's Spiderman. He is far from amazing and I am strongly suggesting that you don't want watch it if you liked Tobey Maguire's Spiderman.

I had to laugh when I heard who was cast as Gwen Stacey as it was so funny that Emma Stone, an actress who I rank very highly with Jennifer Lawrence (My two favourite actresses) at the moment, was cast after working with Bruce Dallas Howard on 'The Help'. I couldn't help thinking if Stone asked Howard for help while filming the new version of her character which many audiences ended up preferring. Stone was a good choice for a love interest to the uninteresting Spiderman, as it attracted the public to actually go and watch the film due to the high success she has had recently. I felt that if Stone hadn't been cast not many audience members would of gone to watch the film!

Dr Curt Connors/Lizard was a good villain however despite the weak main protagonists weak portrayal. The CGI was very good in creating the monster and Rhys Ifans is always good at creating a character who is equally lovable yet utterly evil, which is what every audience member wants.

'The Amazing Spiderman' is a weak film for director Marc Webb who has made some brilliant films including a personal favourite '(500) Day's of Summer' and my favourites band music videos. I wish he had brought some of his normal charm to the film yet he seems to be trying to hard to make an epic film which just isn't epic.

Overall I did not like this film and wish that they had just left the Spiderman franchise to the original Tobey Maguire films. He was much more suited and Garfield just doesn't make a great connection with his audiences in which they probably wanted.

He is not amazing and he is not a superhero so I am giving the film....

3 Stars

Until Next Time...

Joey xxx

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