Second Theme Week Review: Monsters Inc


Hello My Lovely's,

So today I am focusing on the film 'Monsters Inc'. Made in 2001 by directors Pete Docter, Lee Unkrich and David Silverman, the film focuses on the lives of the monsters that enter children's bedrooms in hopes of screams to fill the electricity supply.

The film is one of the few comedic Disney films highlighting to children the reality’s in which the monsters that haunt them actually live. The film stars legendary actor Billy Crystal as little but big mouthed Mike Wazowski, a green monster who tries to be a lot smarter than his huge but loveable roommate James P 'Sulley' played by John Goodman when he gets into trouble.

Upon exciting one of the scare doors the monsters find themselves in trouble when a small human girl named Boo enters into the monster world. It is a huge fact that the monsters are more scared of the humans and after news breaks that a human may have entered their territory, society goes crazy.

Mike and Sulley have to fight against evil characters and their own boss to protect their own backs. However it isn't a smooth outcome for Sulley who becomes attached to the small child. Boo learns to love the world of the monsters although her childhood becomes too much for her when she sees her beloved Sulley scare a robotic boy.

A heightened climax is presented into the ending of the film as Sulley and Mike fight to get Boo back into the human world without any harm happening to her. 'Monsters Inc' has one of the most emotional portrayals of all times when it comes to the end, with many audiences being left in floods of tears.

I feel that 'Monsters Inc' is a film that changed so many children’s lives. Suddenly no one was fearful of the monsters that supposedly lived under the bed or in the wardrobes and cupboards, but excited to see if Sulley and Mike may visit them. I know that at being only 6 when the film was released I was one of those kids. I so wanted to be Boo or have a cute friend like her.

The film also affected the way in which older audiences could explain the monsters to their children heightening the films ultimately popularity by actually give the parents the answers they had been looking for when they had to answer their child’s enquiries.

This film was brilliant in the way it changed the dynamic of Disney as it took a much more comedic approach to the fears children have to make sure that they knew what their audiences wanted. They wanted to protect their children from the evil monsters of the world in which this film takes them and makes them into softies which is quite amazing when you look at how much Horror based films try to portray them.

I believe this film has made a change in the way that Monsters are now viewed on screen and I think Disney knows this. They were so clever with the genre they choose that they created a gap for themselves with the ending to build upon their stories, which is why they have easily been able to create a sequel or sort of prequel to the film.

Ultimately I am giving 'Monsters Inc'....

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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