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Hello My Lovely's,

So today's music themed review is on Richard Linklater's 'School of Rock'. The 2003 classic changed the way music was viewed in school, causing a rise in the number of students who want to be in a band. It represents the dreams everyone has to be a Rock Star at one point in their lives and to live freely with it.

Starring Jack Black, as the unreliable and lazy Dewey Finn who after years of playing and forming his own band 'No Vacancy'. After the band witnesses Dewey on stage they soon decide he is not for them and changes them for the cooler looking Spider, a guitarist who is everything a stereotypical Rock Star looks like.

Dewey is left in a rut in his life as he tries to figure out what he should do next before he causes his lifelong friend Ned Schneebly to kick him out of his flat. Schneebly played by Mike White, is a character that definitely needs to grow a back bone against his all mighty girlfriend Patty, who considering she is played by Sarah Silverman, you know that she is going to become more and more aggressive.

These characters help to set up the plot of the film due to Ned playing a Substitute teacher who upon missing a phone call allows Dewey to take on the job as 'Mr Schneebly'. He is doing what he always wanted to do by in inspiring the younger generations taste in music. These kids are finally given a chance to do something they want to in a world where their parents control everything. They are able to learn interesting things that they want to do and form their own band, each becoming a member of something they enjoy.

The plot for this film was something that had never been portrayed before and allowed children to finally get a knowledge of the brilliant songs that are featured in this film. They are so powerful and yet songs that you would probably not want to teach a child. As a soundtrack this is one of the best ones including the songs made for this film which are so easy to learn that they get stuck in your head for ages.

It is such a light hearted comedy that still years after its release, it still attracts thousands of viewers to watch it. I am definitely one of those people and as a child I always wanted a teacher like this. He was someone who actually listened to his students instead of just forcing them to do something they didn't want to. They were given a voice and as a director I think Linklater's message was to convey the idea of a voice.

Dewey is so confidant in his own skin that he has to teach others that they can be like this, aimed at both the children and his roommate Ned.

I will definitely be showing my niece and nephew this film in the future and teaching them some of the best songs on the industry. It is a film that I think always gets people smiling and Linklater was a very clever director to get a film out like this due to the gap in the industry for it. If it wasn't for this film I feel that all the musical based films and TV shows would not be as acceptable.

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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