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Hello My Lovely's,

So today's music themed review is on the film, 'Nowhere Boy'.

Made in 2009 by Sam Taylor- Johnson, the film focuses on the early life of John Lennon. The film portrays an in depth and interesting view in the way John Lennon was brought up by his Aunt Mimi after his mother is too afraid to bring him up. The dynamic relationship within the Lennon family is a brilliant set up for the film and has impressed many a Beatles fan.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrays the young John Lennon and I think that this was an excellent choice. Taylor-Johnson made his name from this film and portrayal as it was really a make or break performance for him. The pressure of so many Beatles fans must have been hard and the fact that he manages to get it so right is just brilliant. I am a huge Lennon fan and I knew a lot about his life before the film, so to see how correct his portrayal was, is amazing.

The film also focuses on the start of Lennon's earlier entry into the world of music with the start of the Quarrymen. I have grown up hearing about the Quarrymen as my Dad was very very lucky to have seen them live and later on went to see the Beatles.

The dynamic in which the boys all meet is quite interesting and the way in which John Lennon is portrayed as learning the guitar and banjo was insightful for someone like me to see as I love watching an artist perform. No one has ever been able to influence the industry like Lennon and McCartney were. The boys friendship displayed on screen is something that I feel many fans of the two would have expected. While Taylor Johnson, has made some errors in the film between the two men, it seems to make the way they were in real life a lot more interesting.

One thing that always creeps me out is the portrayal of the Mother and Son relationship. While Kristin Scott Thomas who plays Aunt Mimi is loving and responsible, the relationship portrayed by Lennon and his birth mother is more like a pair of lovers, more on the mothers account. As a viewer Anne-Marie Duff's of Julia, Johns crazy mother is very touchy feely and as a viewer I found it so uncomfortable to watch.She seems to have no cares in the world and when she is on screen it is always uncomfortable. Duff plays this character very well as I can see how many audiences would be judgemental of this performance.

British grit is high in this film, with the raw presentation of a family being ripped apart by the conflict of a ruined childhood. It is so emotional that whatever feelings you have for John Lennon, whether your a fan or not, there is no way you could not watch the ending of this film and feel sorry for him. Nothing prepares you for the most mixed emotions scenes in this film. It will leave you angry, sad, happy and most of all sympathetic for the life in which John Lennon lead.

This film is one of my favourites! Not just because I am a Beatles and Lennon fan, but because of the way in which British cinema has been captured. No one prepares you for the harshness that British cinema is able to produce and Taylor-Johnson does this right away in this film. I hope the director goes far in putting British films back on the market and Aaron's career soon takes more leaps like this.

Overall 'Nowhere Boy' is getting....

5 Stars

Until Next Time...

Joey xxx

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