New Week, New Information!


Hello My Lovely's,

So its a brand new week and I have some exciting news to tell you all!

This week I will be dedicating the whole week to what I believe will be the biggest film of the year...

'The Great Gatsby'

You cannot believe how excited I am about the film and its release and I am hoping to kick off the week today in fact with the song of the week! So watch out for that post later on!

Also coming up this week is some exciting reviews from films in which I am being sent and I literally cannot wait to review them!

As well I would just like to let you all know that next Sunday I will not be posting Song of the Week as I am going to forward it to Saturday, as I am going to see Beyonce :)

Thank You for reading the blog and I appreciate it so much. Please don't forget to follow me on Facebook on...

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Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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