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Hello My Lovely's, 

So last week a company called Soda Pictures sent me some DVDs which I received yesterday and have already watched one of them. 

One of the films I got was 'Bullhead' which was originally release in 2011. however this is the first time I had ever heard of the film and I must say it is an amazing visual piece. 

The colouring of the film at times such as in the red light district makes the distinct difference between the male and female characters so much stronger from the point of view of the leading man. The male gaze is a huge part of this film as they all fight to be the dominant male, which makes the casting of the brilliant lead actor Matthias Schoenaerts such a good choice.

I had previously seen Matthias in 'Rust and Bone' and his performance in that is just breath taking. His performances as Jacky in this film are very similar. While we didn't get to meet a struggling man, the fact that he has again been cast as a man to fight off the dishonest and deceitful characters matches his needs in 'Rust and Bones'. I can really see Schoenaerts going far in the movie industry as he is able to convey any type of male performance which let’s just say some actors struggle with. 

The film is huge on the melodramatic elements of foreign films as this "hormone-boosting Mafia" sets in on corrupting the characters in the film. It is a bit of a ridiculous plot yet, the hidden clues and messages given on screen make it so much harder to not want to keep on watching. It is a beautiful masterpiece of the way masculinity over takes males and their need to be on top of the world yet they are brought down by their needs for violence. 

Violence is key in this film so maybe don't watch it if you are a bit sensitive to that on screen. I mean it doesn't match up to 'Drive' standard violence (Can anything really?) but it does have a sense of brutality within it. 

Overall I though the film was a really good portrayal of men and their needs for control, which has come from an outstanding lead performer who I believe will go far in this industry. I honestly see Schoenaerts getting an Oscar in a few years for his roles!

This film is getting a...

4 Stars

Until Next Time, 
Joey xxx

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