Batman Begins Review


Hello My Lovely's,
So in the first Superhero themed review I am thought I would go back to the start of the world famous Nolan 'Batman' trilogy and review the first film 'Batman Begins'. 

It was the first Batman film directed by the trilogy's main man Christopher Nolan and stars the brilliant Christian Bale as Batman. Bale was an interesting figure in this film as he was so different to the way in which he is in the others. He appeared skinnier and a lot less of a bulk of a man that many people were used to in the modern flicks.

However he is still able to make the audience see how a man is fighting to become the good in a world full of evil and right from the start he has needed the evil forces to make himself powerful. The evil in this film comes from the brilliant Cillian Murphy, famed for his role in '28 Days Later' portraying the villain Scarecrow.

Scarecrow is not an amazing villain in my eyes as he does not have the strength in which Bane and the Joker had in influencing the way an audience will remember him. If you ask any Batman fan who they feel is the best villain all would go with the Joker or even lovable Alfred than Scarecrow. I mean I love Cillian Murphy but he is a rubbish villain!

One move that I always find interesting is the different actresses’ reaction to playing a character which is spotted in how different Katie Holmes is at playing Rachel than Maggie Gyllenhal. I actually preferred Maggie's version of Rachel then Katie Holmes as it didn't act as soft. She was much more what I thought she was going to be and in this film Holmes makes her look a lot weaker than many audiences believed her to be.

Overall as a first attempt at adapting the much loved film, that Tim Burton became famous from, Nolan does a good job yet he wasn't even a hint of amazing as he is in 'The Dark Knight'. This film lacks what many people want in a superhero film as it just shows how Bruce Wayne became Batman instead of giving an intriguing plot to a film.

I am giving this film...

3 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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