Wrath of the Titans Review


Hello My Lovely's,

So last night I watched Wrath of the Titans, and I have to say I actually thought this one was better than Clash of the Titans.

With many of the original cast returning it was a bit dubious to whether or not the film was going to be any good, as I find many sequels can be a let-down. Director Jonathan Liebesman makes a film with great CGI elements, that work well with the storyline and intrigues the viewer to watch on.

I watched this film with my Dad who takes a lot of persuasion to actually watch a film, and he was actually interested throughout. He kept saying that he loved the way in which Sam Worthington's character Perseus had developed compared to the first one and he actually felt that he was better in this one. As well we both agreed that Rosamund Pike was a much better fit then the original Andromeda, Alexa Davalos as she truly captured the role of being a true onscreen princess who is able to fight back.

The evil CGI monsters were absolutely outstanding pieces of work, showing the true improvements of the technology world. These monsters were impeccable creations and all of the credit for this film goes to the CGI designers and the figures behind the technology Gods.

The film had many fight sequences that would keep all male audiences interested but the love story that takes place between the Princess and Perseus is one that the female’s viewers would love! These elements made the film fit for all audiences and with Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Bill Nighy as the most recognisable faces it is easy for young and old generations of film viewers to watch the film and see someone they know.

Overall the film is one that I think the whole family would enjoy and I felt that even if you hadn't seen the first one, it would easy to view this one.

3/4 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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