Warhorse Review


Hello My Lovely's,
I saw this film a long time ago upon its cinema release and I have to say for me personally it did not live up to the hype of the film.

The evident focus of the film by the creators was not the plot of the Michael Morpurgo book that I had read a young age but actually the CGI of the film. It was a mix of Avatar skills combined with a horrible flow of story.
Considering this was Jeremy Irvine's first film, he seemed much out of place for the little boy lost sequence. He added the story of a man which lead to some of the most heart wrenching moments to be ruined. Yes I agree he was good near the end but he did not live up to the on-stage and imagined image I had of the character.

 As well the characters that many people would of recognised such as Tom Hiddleston who is brilliant as Loki in the 'Thor' series  and 'Sherlock's' finest Benedict Cumberbatch were quickly removed from the film adding little excitement for the film viewers who went to see them. Literally Hiddleston plays a 5 minute performance which many viewers who have discussed the film with me have stated as a bit confusing meaning they weren't as gripped to his character as they would have liked. This made the most sensitive parts of the film down played because the audiences were confused.
The hyped up moment at the end of the film is also very rushed as the audience witness their reunion only to have it gone in such a quick time. Also the ending did not give off a good portrayal of hoe the grandfather felt after the loss of his granddaughter which made Spielberg's direction quite weak considering he is definitely one to make his audience remember his films!

 So if you want to watch a film all about CGI go for it, however personally I would give this one a miss!

1/2 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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