This Means War Review


Hello My Lovely's,

I watched this film quite a while ago, however I forgot to review about it due to my illness, so I am now. I recently got sent the Blu-ray version as well which is a little better than the normal DVDs although I do still prefer them.

The film stars Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine and focuses on the pair fighting to get the girl. Pine's character FDR and Hardy's, Tuck portray two spy’s who after Witherspoon's character Lauren goes on a date with each one decide to fight it out for the girl. This leads to the boys drugging each other, a show down at lunch and other acts that would ruin the others.

However Lauren has a plan of her own to choose between the two men as she plans to break the only rule the two boys have created. She decides that she will have to sleep with one to decide which one is the best. This causes a discomfort able time for the two men as their friendships are put to the test as well as ruining their reputations at work.

The mix between romance and action sets a very interesting tone to the film as it draws in both the male and female audiences with many likeable characters on screen. This is definitely a film in which shocked many Tom Hardy fans as it was something many had never seen him in before. Yet he definitely portrayed it very well. Pine is mostly known for his work in 'Star Trek' was likeable yet it seems he may have been trying a little too hard to portray the ladies’ man on screen causing the audience members and myself to lean in favour to Hardy's character. Witherspoon is just spot on in her quirky ways, especially in the scene in which she dances around to 'This is how we do it', adding laughs among the way.  With supporting cast from Chelsea Handler, who is well known for her all out ways, the film was very comedic at many moments between the two women’s approach towards the men.

Directed by McG, the film is very cleverly placed together to portray a different take on the romantic genre of cinema. However the plot could become quite clear to many audience members as they look at the interactions between Lauren and the different men.

Overall the film is very good in mixing rom-com with action that is fit for all audiences. I really enjoyed it and would suggest you all watch it. So I am giving it...

3 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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