The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review


Hello My Lovely's,

So I saw this film ages ago, as you may know from the Q&A pictures below and I am very sorry I didn't write a review about it. However I was just getting over the first bout of Pneumonia at this point, so I am making it up to you all now!

I have loved the Twilight Saga from the start and the ending was just epic. I had already guessed what the ending to 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' was going to be, however this film just exceeded my expectations.

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' kicks off with the rebirth of Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart as a newborn Vampire who exceeds the expectations of everyone around her as she battles her internal blood thirsty demons so well. Upon her awakening the audience automatically see a change in her character as she experiences the happy side of marriage with her love Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson and her maternal side towards her child Renesmee.

However their fairy-tale is quickly over when news spreads to the Volturi that an Immortal child has been created by the Cullen's, which is a forbidden rule. Soon the Cullen's are faced with building a gathering of witnesses to protect them from the impending doom of the Volturi as they fight to stay alive.
With the help from Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner and his wolf pack they are able to build a strong enough army to be able to present a battle of epic proportion's. All tying together to make the most amazing finale to the series.  

Out of all the films this was an epic conclusion to the much loved saga. I had my doubts after the first ones fast pace and important moments being missed, however this one was amazing.

The astounding fight scene in the film was something that so many people were not expecting and was a thrill seeker throughout its on screen performance. The scene wasn't in the original story yet it felt so right to have in the film as it gave the most loyal fans to see all of their most beloved characters together all in one scene. It was very surreal to witness and the high emotions portrayed on screen were reflected off into their audiences.

Endings of sagas are also very hard to convey, however director Bill Condon, portrayed a emotional ending to the series as it showed the book coming to life. The famous characters were reflected onto the screen for the first time through the wording in the book. As well they were clever enough to leave an ending in which if it was to re-launch it would be able to quite easily.

Overall  I am giving this film...

4 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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