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Hello My Lovely's,

Now I know that many people have seen 'The Shining', however it is a film that I felt I just had to review about due to the legend it is on screen. This may not be much of a review but I wanted to talk about it.

'The Shining' is one of those films that keeps you guessing as to what it all means for years and years. I mean I recently read that the whole thing is actually the book in which Jack is writing due to the panoramic camera shots of him in his chair. However overs would argue that is simply the downfall of a man who has gone crazy due to the isolation of the characters.

The film starts with what seems as an innocent family who are thinking of taking over a hotel for the winter which leads to their own downfalls and problems coming to light.

The child in the film Danny reminds me so much of the child witnessed in the 1999 classic 'The Sixth Sense' which is ironic considering Danny is scared by the ghosts. The ghosts are symbolized as taking over Danny's body in this film, tainting the innocence out of the characters.

Jack played by Jack Nicholson is one of the cleverest fictional horror characters around. He is able to manipulate the audience in to his own mind thought as they wonder what he will do next and how he is destroying his family. Jack is also able to make the audience wonder how a nice family working class man can turn so quickly into being a psychopathic character.

Wendy is also one of my favourite horror victims because even though she is unable to protect herself fully and gives into her husband a lot she is still able to protect herself and her son from danger. She is a strong female character who has embedded the natural survival maternal role towards her son. Wendy is a woman that many audience members sympathise with as they worry about her full capacity to protect her child.

My favourite moment in the whole film is the end. The photo is honestly the most amazing aspect of any horror film I have watched as it is so mind-blowing as to what it represents. Could it be that everything we see is a dream or a reincarnation as Kubrick stated to the caretaker before?

Overall this is a film that so many horror fans have to see to be a true fan. It’s amazing in every way possible and breaks so many of the traditional horror films.

Here’s a glimpse into the weird world of 'The Shining'...

5 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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