The Princess Bride Review


Hello My Lovely's,

I watched 'The Princess Bride' last night and I have to say I find it really weird that this is known as a Hollywood classic.

I can see why the parts are meant to be funny but the mysterious masked man is easy to tell that he is Westley a man who is meant to be dead and the character Buttercup played by Robin Wright is very annoying when she comes to her attitudes.

The film moves at a very fast past making it hard for the viewers to keep up with what is actually happening on screen. It is such a weird film, as one minute he is dead, the net he is alive, the next she is getting married, the next she is not, I mean honestly cannot they not just keep to a fast but easy to follow film script.

Although I have to say I adored the three men who steal the Princess away from the Prince to kill and start a war with. Vizzini played by Gossip Girl's Wallace Shawn. the giant Fezzik played by Andre the Giant and Inigo played by Mandy Patinkin all play comedic roles that are actually funny in the film compared to the portrayal of Westley who is just plain annoying throughout.

The portrayal of the story being read to an ill child by his granddad however is enlightening as it shows just how fairy tales affected you in such different ways as a child. It shows audiences everywhere that these are the sort of stories that stay with people forever, especially little girls who dream that their prince will find them; however here it suggests that these ideas are corrupted and normal is much more appreciated.

I don't have much to say about this film as it doesn't even seem like the typical 1980's film in which it is meant to be and I would say to add to your classic film collection then view it but if not I wouldn't bother as it is very similar to other fairy tale films.

3 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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