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Hello My Lovely's,

I didn't know anything about this film before I was sent it so I was very surprised with what I viewed. This French film stars Oscar winner Jean Dujardin who was also co-director/writer/producer of the film and fellow actor Gilles Lellouche. The film looks on as the male figure embark on a tour of affairs. They sleep around with some of the easiest looking women and taking a typical trip to Las Vegas.

I was very confused in parts of this film, as it seemed that the men were living two separate lives with two wife’s and different children all in different places. The confusion was also added when little shots of the men dressed up as different people but still having affairs behind theirs wife’s back. This was later settled however when the men are all placed into the same room to discuss their issues with the infidelity.

The male figures wife’s were also interesting characters as they seemed to take the men’s affairs quite easily and didn't worry that they were cheating on them, especially Jean Dujardin's characters wife who also admitted that she didn't care about his affairs as she was also having one.

This all comes down to a very sexist portrayal as the men name the women slags when they talk the way in which the males do, however they all support each other when it comes down to their own affairs.

However the film takes on the most weirdest and confusing twist at the end when the men are not satisfied with the women so they embark on their own relationship together, which is probably actually the only romantic one the audience witnesses. This highlights how females are not even needed for men and are just used as objects throughout the movie.

Controversy has surrounded the nature of the film and as a viewer I can see why. the film is confusing, sexist and one that is actually very rubbish considering an Oscar winner has focused so much on it. If I was you I wouldn't bother watching it!

1 Star
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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