The Dark Knight Rises Review


Hello My Lovely's,

I know this is very late considering I saw it in the cinema but I wanted to see it again before I reviewed it.

For me this film wasn't as strong as 'The Dark Knight' but the film was still brilliant. The action sequences and the hidden twists are just perfect in setting the thrilling atmosphere in the film. The Actors and Actresses are also astonishing in making sure that the portrayals are just right making another spot on performance for director Christopher Nolan.

The film is crafted in his usual over the top way, which during a viewing in the cinema was found to be amazing and brought out the true image of Batman. Nolan's CGI was very effective during the football match as the pitch sunk into the ground swallowing the innocent people on its way down. As well the shots involving the collapsing of the bridges had a very 'Inception' feel about them, leading to many audience members witnessing the links between each of Nolan's films.

Nolan's main actor Christian Bale portrays his iconic Batman for the last time in such a superb way that many audience members were expecting him to be like to finish the trilogy. As for villains I loved Tom Hardy's Bane. He was a strong villain who knew how to manipulate the audience in to horrific shock from the opening moment. However even though it is insisted by him many times that he is 'Gotham's Reckoning', I still feel that nothing could have beaten Heath Ledger's absolutely astounding Joker. He was someone that I feel Nolan was very much pressured into finding something just as good, although it just could not meet the standards of the ultimate villain. 

Joseph Gordon- Levitt was definitely someone who stood out for me though. I was a huge fan of Levitt since '10 Things I Hate About you' and was shocked in 'Inception' when he left the indie films to play a sort of action hero. However he is so strong in his performance as the 'Robin' of this Batman trilogy that I feel Nolan should of brought him in earlier. He would of made the relationships between each character very different, making it interesting to see how Bruce Wayne would of changed around Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Alfred (Michael Caine).

As for female portrayals Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard were both brilliant. Hathaway’s performance of Catwoman/ Selina Kyle may not have lived up to the standards of 'Les Miserables' but it was still strong enough to finally put her on the map as an actress in Hollywood. Cotillard was very similar and the twist with her character Talia al Ghul/ Miranda Tate becoming the villain shocked many audience members around the world, although I suggest watching her in 'Rust and Bone' to see just how amazing she is.

The film is an absolutely brilliant finish to the end of the trilogy that I believe many audience members and fans will be pleased with. I feel it would be hard to bring the films back after ending on such a high and the way Nolan ended them has been able to leave many fans in peace knowing their hero is able to fight another day.

While the film did stray away from the comic books tale, I very much enjoyed it and so I am going to give this film....

5 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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