Planet of the Apes (1968 Version) Review


Hello My Lovely's,

So I had never seen Planet of the Apes before but after being sent the DVD and under strict rules by my Dad to watch it, I found it quite interesting.

Made in 1968 by Franklin J. Schaffner, 'Planet of the Apes' based on the French novel by Pierre Boulle was an interesting film to watch. Starring Charlton Heston as Astronauts Taylor, the film focuses on four men who after their spaceship crashes have to take on the extraordinary Gorillas who live on the planet.

The gorillas and humans descend into a very over dramatic fight in which sees them being lead to the Ape city in which they live in. After awakening to the new life around him, the main character is faced with finding out that the Apes are in fact scientist who take Human's captive and use them for their own personal manual labour. It’s ironic how much this mirrors the disgusting acts that us humans place on innocent animals when using them for testing on.

Taylor struggles to come to terms with his captivity and creates chaos in the whole film which seems really stupid to the viewer as I felt that if he had just kept quiet he may have been let free a lot earlier than was expected.  The fact that he made a scene made him seem like he is just trying to act up.

Human civilization is forgotten in this film up until the end which makes the disaster on screen not seem as affected as it would be if it was a huge outbreak. Films such as '28 Days Later' which seem to stem off the idea that Apes are corrupted are much stronger in making a devastation be presented then this film is. I mean I know that the technology now is a lot stronger than the 60's but even they could have been better than this. It just seemed like a bad version of 'Star Trek/Wars'.

Earth is being destroyed on screen in many different ways, but due to Schaffner's look it is only made out to be like America has been affected by the Apes rule as the Statue of Liberty is the only aspect of the Post-apocalyptic world.

Overall I didn't really like this film. I know I am young but there are many classics in which I love but for me this one wasn't strong enough. It was boring for the most part and the fact that the film missed many aspects out caused it to be weak. 

So I am giving this film....

2 Stars
Until Next Time,
Joey xxx

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