Hope Springs Review


 Hello My Lovely's,

I absolutely loved this film. It was unbelievable cute and the characters portrayals were so beautifully made out.

'Hope Springs' focuses on the relationship between Kay and Arnold Soames, played by Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, as they reach a crisis in their relationship.

Upon reaching their 31st wedding anniversary Kay feels that the couple have lost their special touch causing her to believe that they need help. After much convincing the pair end up going to an intense marriage counselling programme to try and repair the lost spark between them through the help of Dr Bernie Feld portrayed by the hilarious Steve Carell.

The film had many serious moments that made me want to cry but the comedic adventure the pair embark on was funny to me as it seemed Dr Feld was trying to produce a teenage relationship between a very mature couple.

Streep was on top form as her much likeable character who is hilarious throughout the scenes of the pair in the cinema as she tries to give him a blow job, as well as looking for the sex tips book in the bookstore.  It is almost impossible to beat Streep and this performance just shows how she hasn't changed at all in her expert ways of acting.

I feel very similar to the way in which Tommy Lee Jones is portrayed. I must admit that I have only ever seen him in 'Men in Black'. However his sweet portrayal of trying to make his wife happy is just so lovely to see in a male portrayal, that my respect for him as an actor rises very high in this film.

It was also good to see Carell in a serious role for a change as he portrayed the caring therapist who didn't want to give up on the pair until they truly felt their love for each other again.

Overall the film was a beautiful portrayal of an older couple in love who just didn't understand their emotions towards each other. It was so special to see how not all relationships are happy throughout and the fact that the pair couldn't cope with out each other added something astounding to the film.

This film is getting the whole...

5 Stars
Until Next Time,
Joey xxx

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