Gambit Review


Hello My Lovely's,

So I recently watched 'Gambit' and I have to say I really enjoyed it but it wasn't amazing. 

'Gambit' released in 2012 by director Michael Hoffman, stars Colin Firth as the famous Harry Dean, a man who is trying to get revenge over his boss who is making many peoples life’s a misery.

 Lord Shabandar played by Alan Rickman, is a bully to many of his employees which is seen right from the start as he tries to manipulate his overall power over them. Harry who has suffered many times at the hands of Shabandar decides he must gain power over him so he and his friend descend on the ultimate revenge with the help of Cameron Diaz's character, cowgirl 'PJ'.

The pair decides to manipulate Shabandar into buying a fake Monet, in hopes that he is fooled, leaving the pair with a lot of money.

As the film continues the plot becomes more and more crazy with a Lion trying to attack them at a fancy dinner and Colin Firth ending up in his pair of boxer's (Ladies I know we are not complaining about haha). The film tried very hard to be comedic but Firth just wasn't up to the scratch in this portrayal. He seemed to be trying too hard to fit into the comedic role after the success of his previous serious acts, leading to the character lacking in personality.

This is when Gambit starts to fail as it seems that the good plot starter begins to feel very rushed. It seems like Hoffman is trying to cram too much into the ending of the film leading to many plot holes in the film. I was very shocked by this considering the script is from the Coen brothers who have made many amazing scripts in the past.

Overall the film started as something very good and ended up feeling like everything was happening to fast and not enough was being explained.

I am giving this film...

2 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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