Exciting News


Hello My Lovely's,

I have some very good news. I have been very lucky to be able to receive some DVDs from the same company who supplied the winning tickets for the premiere competition. They are a range of new and old films, but it was a very exciting day when I received them haha!

I am going to be reviewing them over the period of the week but I do have an English deadline as well so just hold on for me please and I will be as quick as possible.

The films I will be reviewing include...


 •The Kid with a Bike (French Film)

 •Elles (French film)

 •The Players (French Film)

 •Wrath of the Titans

 •Hope Springs


 As well as these films which I purchased this week...


 •The Princess Bride (I know it’s terrible I haven't seen it before)

 •The Shining (Just because it’s a classic and everyone needs to know about it!)

 So please just be patient and I will be back to review as soon as possible!

Until Next Time,

Joey xxx

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