Cosmopolis Review


Hello My Lovely's,

I have literally just finished watching this film and I have to say Mr Robert Pattinson needs to forget Twilight and do more films like this.

The film portrays a day in the life of Eric Packer played by Pattinson. A business man whose main focus is on sex, money and finding out who is trying kill him. Directed by David Cronenberg, the film is set like many of Cronenberg's previously mysterious and cleverly created films.

This film is not for those who are easily confused as the film starts almost immediately into the plot with no explanations or information. A revolution is starting and the fall of capitalism is falling apart, which many American's could witness as something that they experienced in the Wall Street crash. Based on the book by Don Delillo in 2001, its strange how spot on the film is for the time in which it was created.

It is easy to spot why the film was represented at Cannes Film Festival. With its quirky outlook on life and brilliant portrayals of a troubled man, it is definitely a strong film for the festival.

A spot on performance comes from 'Wife of 22 Days' Elise Shifrin played by Sarah Gadon who doesn't fall for the life that Eric Packer leads and keeps her self-pure in the light of his corrupted ways which has unsettled so many of the other characters. One of the unsettled include Paul Giamatti's character Benno/Richard Levin who couldn't keep up with the fast ways in which Packer works in and so has lost his mind to the utmost power and ultimately is searching for the perfect revenge.

The ending is a huge twist in the film as it leaves many audiences wanting to know what happens created a whole new web of cinema viewing.

Overall I really enjoyed watching this film and I would suggest that any male or female audience member would enjoy watching it. If you haven't seen Pattinson act before this is an outstanding performance of adulthood compared to his portrayal of Edward Cullen (However I do have a huge soft spot for Twilight haha).

5 Stars
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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