Boxing Day Review


Hello My Lovely's,

So I recently got sent a film called 'Boxing Day' and when I heard I was being sent it I looked it up and I have to say I wasn't impressed by the trailer. However I couldn't on been more wrong as the film was brilliant.

Directed by critically acclaimed director Bernard Rose, the film stars Danny Huston and Matthew Jacobs as strangers who embark on an astonishing journey of discovery. The film adapted from the novel "Master and Man" by Leo Tolstoy, focuses on Basil played by Huston as he embarks on a journey on Boxing Day which could inevitably change his life for the better. 

Basil earns money by buying houses from the bank and selling them on for a much higher price, making himself a huge profit. Upon leaving his family Basil meets the funniest chauffer I have ever seen on screen, who names his Tom Tom Cecilia and has many issues surrounding females.

The pair over see many houses before they are left stranded on an icy roadside.  Soon things start taken a turn for the worst as they are faced with an unknown outcome.

Rose's films in such a way that many documentaries are filmed now a day and throughout watching this is how I felt it came across. This aspect made the film seem so much more real, as the two men talked about their own emotions towards different topics affecting society today. However this all changed by the end of the film as the snowy roads in the dead of night reminded me of a horror film.

The chauffer for me was the best character throughout. He was so unexpected in everything he did and believed in, as he was made to appear threatening through the portrayal of his relationship with his ex-wife but yet he had many paternal characteristics towards Basil. He fathered Basil in a way in which he could not do towards his own children which made him so much more lovable. This was especially shown when he offers Basil he crisps even though he knows he doesn't like them as he doesn't want him to starve.

Rose's camera work was extremely clever throughout the night scenes in the car, as the whole shot in dark, left me and many audience members questioning what on earth was going to happen to the men. The dynamic of it was an on the edge of my seat moment due to the suspense throughout.

As well Rose presented one of the most beautiful but threatening moments on screen, as Huston's Basil loses his grip on reality and the close up shots of his face with a slight wobble of the camera highlight his own realisation that he cannot escape his fate.

'Boxing Day' was a film that highlighted how vulnerable life is and that it doesn't matter what you do in it or how you treat it nothing can be fixed by money but by the journey's we take in life and the people we meet.

For this reason I am giving the film...

5 Stars
The film is out on the 25th of March and honestly I suggest you all go and buy it!
Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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