Black Swan Review


Hello My Lovely's,

I recently got sent this film and in the light of the OSCAR's I think it would be a brilliant thing to review.

'Black Swan' was a film that completely shocked me. I have seen it 3 times now and each time I pick up something different that is either disturbing or so intriguing. The actresses really take the rein here and Natalie Portman truly deserved the Academy Award for her characters portrayal.
Directed by Darren Aronofsky, the psychological thriller is like a living nightmare for many audience members. Portman plays the character of Nina, a professional ballerina who lands the role of the white and black swans from the ballet ' Swan Lake' after the previous lead is forced into retirement by the shows director Thomas Leroy. Nina who still lives at home with her mother is treated very much like a child and is seen as a very delicate rose from her first moments on screen. Leroy portrayed by Vincent Cassel, believes at first that Nina is unfit to play the lead role however after a kiss that witnesses a change in her character he believes she is just right for the character.

As time goes on Nina struggles to portray both the innocent white swan and the evil black swan, leading to her emotions displaying both swans’ characteristics in her personality. Her downfall is soon witnessed in her friendship with Mila Kunis' character Lily. Nina believes that Lily is trying to take away her lead role, becoming very possessive around her role as Leroy sees qualities in her that he doesn't in Nina.

Nina soon begins to have hallucinations surrounding the other characters after experiencing a night out with Lily. She believes that she and Lily had sex the night the returned him from a night out and that others around her are being malicious towards her.

Her downfall is heavily portrayed throughout the rest of the film as the decline of her mind is portrayed. In the end her mind is something that leads to a fatal consequence that many would find quite disturbing.

The film is very different to anything witnessed on screen in a long while and many young audience members were confused by what they were witnessing. It is something that still leaves me guessing every time and to this day I still think it is a good film, yet I wouldn't say it’s a film in which you would want to watch again and again.

I am giving this film...

4 Stars
Until Next Time,
Joey xxx

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