Cheerful Weather For The Wedding Premiere!!!


Hello My Lovely's,
At the start of the month I had the biggest shock of my live when I won a competition to attend a premiere to the film 'Cheerful Weather for the Wedding' at Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London. I was other the moon at the win, as this would be the first premiere that I have ever attended and to say I was excited would be an understatement (My film studies teacher knew all about it).
'Cheerful Weather for the Wedding' a 2013 film directed by Donald Rice, was a brilliant first premiere to attend.
The film starred Felicity Jones, a hot newcomer to the screen after her last films 'Chalet Girl' and 'Like Crazy'. Jones plays the character of Dolly Thatcham, a woman who isn't sure what she really wants in her life especially on the day of her wedding. Jones was brilliant throughout the film, portraying the awkward bride who was indecisive of who she would really like to see at the end of her alter. This made the whole audience on the edge of their seat to see if she would go through with the wedding and the crazy family party going on downstairs.
The main man who the film focuses on was Luke Treadaway, known for his roles in the film 'Attack the Block' as the posh snobby kid. Treadaway portrays the character of Joseph Patten, a desperately in love man. This portrayal could also be witnessed throughout this film as he looked down on the crazy family scene he was witnessing in front of him while he waited for the girl of his dreams. Threadaway's character was one that I became quite annoyed with throughout as I found that he wouldn't leave the family and the female lead alone, becoming more and more on edge and annoying as he waits for something that he is never going to get.
These two leads portrayed a beautiful love story which just seemed to dream like to be real. However Rice has cleverly presented a film with many twists and turns that were placed at shocking moments within the end, including the real reason why Treadaway’s character has returned, ultimately leading to Dolly's downfall. As well with backing characters such as Dolly's mother Mrs Thatcham played by 'Downton Abbey's' Elizabeth McGovern and golden comedian Mackenzie Crook and his hilarious with his wife and son, the film produced some comedic moments.
Overall the film was a good hearted British film, however it lacked a lot of originality and became very predicable at certain moments of the film. I feel it was sad that the film never got a nationwide cinema release, but somehow I also feel that the film may have been slated a lot if it had.


I am giving this film .....

3 Stars 

Until Next Time, 

Joey T xxx

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