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Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have had a lot of stress recently, what with exam results and Uni personal Statements.

I have however been watching many films over the holidays, new and old, each bringing something a bit different to the cinema. So I'm going to talk about the first film I saw this holiday which was TED.

TED was a brilliant film with many laughs. I was first shown a trailer for TED back when my brother was down in London and have looked forward to it ever since. Well upon its release I saw it with my mum and best friend both very critical on films, both have to have a real interest in the film.
Lets just say my mum now wants to own her own TED and my friend watched it the whole way through.
Anyway back to the review, TED was a film that had predictable,lovable,laughable and tearful moments. Everything you would not expect from a foul mothed bear and his druggie best friend. Heres where the spoilers come in.
As a little boy John Bennett, played exceptionally well by Mark Wahlberg (also in The Lovely Bones and Date Night), wanted to be excepted by the other kids, hoever he was always outcasted by them, even the kids who were being picked on. That was until one christmas when John is brought a Teddy in which he names Ted. Upon a wish Ted becomes real and this is when the mayhem starst to happen. Ted is soon brought into the limelight which adds pressure in the future between John and his Girlfriend Lori played by Mila Kunis (also in Black Swan and Family Guy), but also from fellow fans who would do anything to have Ted as there own (not my mother by the way).
The film takes off right from the start with director Seth Mcfarlene's witty script, even mentioning Family Guy into the movie after many haters critised Teds voice for sounding to much like Peter Griffins. The film also contained many guest appearances from stars such as Ryan Reynolds and Flash Gordon himself Sam Jones, which allowed the film to gain a huge prominant rise from normal comedys.
The film was able to stand alone on many moments as the technical side of producing Ted was tested by many aspects of the film, such as Ted going from a stuffed bear to an CGI based character which showed that the Toy Story affect had been brought to the adult screens as well. This for me as a critic was one of the most influencal parts of the film as it showed time and effort had been used to create the filma nd not just some crazy drunken Idea.
Although I do have some critisms for the film. One of the most important aspects of the film was of course the character of the desperately in need of attention girlfriend Lori, who while I thought Mila Kunis played her well, I couldn't help thinking that she was a bit to whiny for my liking. I mean she wasn't an average character in a film like this that you would expect, which while some may find a positive thing I found it quite boring and took away thunder of the main character in the film. As well the scene in which Sam Jones and a chinese man fight felt to much like the scene in the Hangover and many viewers would probably have registered the same similaritys as I did with this scene. To me this was one scene that wasn't right for the movie as it has been doen so many times.
Overall a very good comedy but needed to lose the already done moments in film history. This is one Film I recommend you see before the holidays over but don't take the kids as its not at all a sweet little bear.
So say with me now, "Grab your thunder buddies and say these magic words" .....
4/5 Stars
Until Next Time XXX
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