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Okay so on the weekend I was looking after my nephew and niece and we wnet to see the new film BRAVE. (Directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman 2012)
BRAVE was a good film to see with the kids as it has some very laugh out loud moments that even they wil understand. However what surprised me the most was that while watching it my nephew was more gripped to the film, then my niece, who the film was aimed more at. Sure its aimed for both genders but seeing as Disney and Pixar have aimed the main character of Merida as being the new princess, for their marketing campaign it sure wasn't hitting their target.

So back to the review, BRAVE is a tale about a young Princess called Merida who wants to live her life on her own without the hassle of marrying to a man that her mother has chosen. Merida's fight to saty an individual has come from her fathers side as he spent years trying to prepare her for a battle against mighty forces. This was due to his own impact with a bear which savaged his leg off. After failing to get her mother to see her side Merida is lead to a witch deep in the forest while her parents party with the chosen men, who will fight for her hand. The witch sees what is causing Merida problems at home and gives her a potion to slip into her mothers drink which she takes home gladly. Upon her return she is able to get her mother to drink the potion, and soon after strange things start happening to her. Merida is then faced with her biggest challenging of all as she finds that the witches spell has caused her own mother to turn into a bear. This is where the film starts to take on new challenges and climatic moments.

Brave was a film that I had higher expectations for then were actually met. The animations within the film were absolutely stunning at moments, really capturing the true essence of Scotland in all its form. One moment which really stood out in this was the small lights which guided Merida to the witch in the first place, as they brought back a certain spark last seen in the film AVATAR. Another moment which caused the animation to really stand out was also a scene right at the start, showing the archery competition. The animation on Meridas shooting was brilliant, especially when the arrow slipped through the other arrows, a moment that was so very cleverly crafted in CGI and animation.

However the film did have so low moments within it, mostly involving the storyline. From the start it was quite easy to tell what the plot was leading to, and even my 7 year old nephew could tell me what was going to happen before it did. I mean I believe that Merida is going to make a good profit for Disney with her marketing campaign, but from the film not so much. Somethign else which really caught my eye when watchign the film was also the dark to light scenes in the film, for many members of the audience it was quite uncomfortable for them to view and hurt a lot of peoples eyes.

Overall I  think the film will be a hit at first but will take a small dive at box offices soon, as it really isn't living up to expectations. BRAVE is a good film but maybe not a Pixar classic like TOY STORY or other productions together. So for this and due to my nephews enjoyment I am giving the film a Brave .....

Until next time X

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