I am creating this blog to allow people to read film reviews from a young persons opinion. Many would see that young people only like trashy films, however I believe that new or old films should have the justice that they deserve.

While I do look forward to the odd film that many label the worst thing out there, I'm one of the most trustworthy person to say how I really feel about certain films. For instance while many people enjoyed the film The Artist, I found it to be one of the most overated films of the year. It only recieved the reception that it did, because people were amazed that the silent film era was able to make such a succesful comeback; but really the dog was actually the only good thing in it.

So this is what I will speak about, I may put in spoilers and I don't own anything, but I have always wanted to do this, to allow myself to gain the experience of what a journalist or film reviewer goes through. This is because I would like to make a good career from this.

Thank You

Joey T x

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